Unable to search for existing traps

I can’t seem to search for traps on one of my lines. All the traps start with an “R”.
Even if I copy the trap name and paste it into the “Title” section, it will not display them.

I even select the correct trap line and put the first letter ® in the “Title” section and still have no hits.
If I put no text into the “Title” section it will display the whole line.

For admins, this is the “Tiakina Whangarei” project, line “Coro 1”.


Hi Bevan

I see the problem - your traps have a space in front of their name - so they don’t actually start with an “R”, they start with a space. You will find them if you search for a " " or " R". You may want to find and edit them to remove the leading space…

How did you add these traps? Did you import them in bulk in bulk? Trying to figure out how the space got in there…

the trap.nz team

Ah good catch!
Not sure how the traps were added, we have members of the community adding traps.

I will go through and fix them. Cheers for that.