Unable to upload monitoring stations via app

We’ve been having issues uploading monitoring stations via the trap.nz app. This has happened on multiple phones. We enter the record and hold down on save.It appears green but doesn’t log the record. This has been happening over the last two weeks. Anyone else having this issue?

kia ora @catherine-bradley that’s frustrating can I please get you to access our help section, contact us and log this as a fault. Could you please include the project name and dates you have added any records that aren’t showing. Thank you

Yes, you are not imagining it :slight_smile: it happened to me on Friday with chewcards.
If you tap finish it says “push and hold to complete” but that action can’t be done
I ended up just adding points of interest.

@lenore-admin I don’t have logs but I’m 99% sure this is due to not all the required fields loading (ie ‘code’ and ‘notes’ do load but ‘type’ and ‘line’ does not) thus the entry isn’t complete and can’t be stored.

The error occurs in Android and only in offline mode

@Maybe_It_s_a_Trap thanks we will look into it

Hi, I had trouble with the App last Thurs and lost a whole day’s work/logs changing 100+ traps mapped positions & catch data. I was trying to show the trapper how to use the walk the line function at the same time and I think that may have added to the problem… So I won’t use Walk the line when changing mapped positions again, as recommended by Andy. But apparently, there was also a ‘glitch’ in the system that day.