Unassigning members

I have a person who is no longer a member who is still assigned to a line of traps.
I can’t seem to unassign them from the traps as their name is not appearing in the drop down box.


Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch. You should be able un-assign someone from each trap individually (click on the trap then scroll down below the map to the Assignment section), but I see there’s no way of doing this in bulk via the Manage Traps page. I’ll let the dev team know and see if they can offer a fix for this!

Ngā mihi,

Thank you,

I managed to do each trap individually - a bit time consuming but all done now.


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We have a similar problem, want to unassign 2 ex-members from 10 bait-stations.
We can do one at a time by clicking the bait-station on the map, but not from the list by clicking all at the same time. It says it cannot find the person, though they are still in the list of members.
Look forward to this being rectified, thanks.