Ungulate control

It would be sensational to be able to use Trap nz for shooting work. So be able to record gps co ordinates numbers, sex, age, plus notes of kills whilst in the field. Currently I think only option is garmin GPS and then have it put into GIS mapping report from professionals. Thanks

@scottnowell you can add shooting kills as an ad hoc kill. Here is the link to the help doc that shows how to do that Can I record ad-hoc ki... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides I hope this helps

Yes I do that thanks, Its not suitable or tidy to do this all over a block though. cheers

It is in our roadmap of features to be developed, however, there is no time set on it at this stage.

You can however add deer etc as a species caught currently and by selecting enable advanced fields allows you to record the sex and maturity currently