Upload existing photo to installation records on the app

I often go around my traps on bike and take photos of each kill as I go before uploading to the app once home. However the new app only allows me to TAKE a photo, not to upload an existing photo. It would be nice if this could revert to the in-phone camera function that the previous app utilised.


Cheers @daniel - yup, agreed. Hopefully we can deal to that soon. You can load photos via the website, but appreciate that is not as useful.

Looks like there still no way to add existing photos to Catch entries in the App or on the website.
I currently have an entry with photo of a stoat that has been added to the wrong trap. There is no way to change the trap ID of the entry. I can create a new entry sing the correct Trap ID but then I cannot add the existing photo.

You can add them on the website, either at record creation time or in edit mode later (say for records added via the phone.)

Cheers that works. I have never found that edit mode before. Normally I have selected and chosen to modify or delete record from the drop down menu.

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