Uploading and displaying contact details for the property/trap owner when using the app

Kia ora,
It would be really helpful to be able to (1) include contact details when bulk uploading traps and bait stations into TrapNZ, and then (2) for field workers / contractors to be able to see those contact details when clicking on the trap or bait station when in the field (e.g. listed alongside the Lat/Long under ‘installation details’).
To comply with privacy issues it’d be good if only Managers/Admins could access these contact details.

Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch. Some projects use the “Notes” field for this purpose - this is included in the Import CSV for both Traps and Bait Stations, and is visible on the app when adding a records in the same area as Lat/Long, for any member who has edit rights on that installation.

Hope that helps!

Ngā mihi,
Sarah (she/her)

In the app under settings - advanced settings there is an option to enable contractor mode. From then on every new installation will ask the usual questions but also give you the option to add contact details.

Ah yes, that’ll do- I’ll just upload contact details into the notes field instead. Thanks