URGENT problem after Moving traps using trap.nz phone app

Project: Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve
Line 1: South Line, Along south side of Pauatahanui Stream.
Line 2 : Central line from entrance to PWR - around Picnic Pond and out toward Estuary Hide
Over time traps have been moved and their location has not been updated in trap.nz As some trappers are now using the App, Walk Line function I attempted to update trap locations using the app. Specifically for Line 1 and Line 2. Some traps are supplementary, eg Some DOC boxes have mice traps in them so the mice traps are defined as supplementary. I used the Walk Line option and as I got to a trap that was no longer at the GPS site recorded in trap.nz I edited the trap and used the Move trap function. Using the app to move the traps looked successful. When the move was confirmed the main trap and supplemental appeared to move correctly. However after saving the Lines I saw in the App’s map that the Supplemental traps were back in their old location. So i decided to stop moving traps and to check the supplemental maps locations using the Web app. Here I found an even bigger problem than I thought, In the case of Line one none of the supplemental traps appear on the map or in trap.nz for that matter and are no longer associated with the main trap. Not only that but all data apart from todays has disappeared. In the case of Line 2, apart from the supplemental traps not moving to the new location these still appear in the web app and all data is still present.
2 issues

  1. How can the supplemental traps be moved to the correct locations
    and MORE importantly
  2. How can the data be recovered for Line 1 and associate the missing supplemental traps back to the main traps.

@jb1 Can you please put a request through to our help desk Need help? | Trap.NZ, also I have checked your data and as you have moved the traps they have been retired the data is in the trap records if you access manage trap records

I have been told by trap.nz support that if a trap is moved ‘too far’ it will be retired. This is why data appeared to ‘disappear’ for the traps I moved.
I checked the user guide and couldn’t find this documented. It does state the following though:
‘Moving an installation that already has records associated with it
If you are physically moving an installation that already has records associated with it, best practice is to “retire” the installation and create a new one in the new location. This keeps old records correctly associated with the old location.
If you wish, you can create the new installation with the same name.’
Can someone tell me where it is documented that a trap will be retired if it is moved too far?? What distance is considered too far? For example if it is 25m the trap will be retired if it is moved more than 25m. If I want to move a trap say 40m without it being retired, can I move it 20m one day and then 20 the next to avoid the automatic retirement??

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Kia ora John, this is the page in the help docs that may answer your query. Moving installations i... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

Thanks very much Lenore, that answers my questions