Using a phone without a Sim Card

Hi, I just wish to clarify whether the app can operate on a phone which doesn’t have a Sim (no data) installed. I’ve attempted to use a phone without a Sim but found that the app didn’t offer a log-off function without data, which was a problem when trying to reboot the app when it wasn’t responding.

Hi Julian,

Yes it can, it is essentially the same as operating in airplane mode which is common practice. It just needs wifi access at some point to synchronise your data.

You’ve hit a real edge case there. The app intentionally stops you logging out if in no coverage as once logged out you would need coverage to authenticate again (log in.) Is this a second phone you use only for trapping? Just wondering if hot spotting to you primary phone would get you out of trouble.

Ideally (you’ll strongly agree) the app shouldn’t ever get in that state. Perhaps you can upgrade to v5 and let us know how you get on.


Thanks Andy, now that you explain it, it makes sense that it’s just the same as in ‘aircraft mode’. Thanks for that.
Regards - Julian

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