Using Leghold traps

Kia ora, we are using leg hold traps for possums in our project and want to know the best way to record the data in TrapNZ. They are temporary and will be moved eventually. We are wanting to know the best way to record trap data, as they are only set for one night, but can be set one or two times a week. So when they are not set, do we retire them and then re-load them again? For reporting purposes, we are wanting record catch trap effort i.e. how many catches vs non-catches per trap night.

Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kia ora @rikiparata the report you are wanting is the corrected catch rate report. If you have selected the leg hold trap as your trap and are wanting to “close it” check it with nil catch, mark as sprung to leave it closed if not checking for a week, then when resetting them mark as still set, bait ok to show it as “open”. It will then only report on the amount of time it is set for. I hope this helps