Using new Trap.NZ 2019 App

I have just used the new App for the 1st time. Mostly works well. 2 comments.

  1. Most of my traps have a main & supplementary trap (for mice). On the App map the trap number is not shown, only 2 to confirm there are 2 traps on the site. I would prefer to have the trap number displayed. If there is only 1 trap the trap number is displayed.
  2. Is there any way to confirm the new data has been synced. I know this is meant to happen automatically.
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Hi, if you go to logs, your records should be visible without the upload icon next to it. If you want to see how it works, make an entry while phone is in flight mode, see it in the logs, then take off flight mode and see it upload. I also logged the same request about reverting back to a single trap and name.

Check supplementary results have synced - a week ago they were not so have to enter manually. It is a known bug that ground truth are working on.