Using QGIS with Trap.NZ - Part 1 Installing QGIS

QGIS is a free to use open-source application to make maps from data.
I have been experimenting with QGIS to visualize data from and thought more people might like to have a go.
This is the first of three guides I have written. This first guide shows you how to install the QGIS application onto your PC (Or Mac is possible, though I have not written a guide for that.)


This is great thanks. I work with MapInfo and started learning QGIS a few years ago. I will see if I can follow up and get myself set up with qgis & as i need to overlay the data with other info we capture and refer to in our work - thanks for doing this.

Thank you for your feed back. It’s my hope that I started the ball rolling and that people would find this helpful. If anybody runs into any pitfalls or neat tricks, I hope they can share them here.