Using Voice to record catches/trapping results

One of the things that would be fantastic for trappers would be to integrate one of the open-source voice recognition/voice-to-text projects so that when walking a trap line one could give basic voice information to record catches/condition/et. al. Kaldi seems well resourced, although Julius (older tech) may require less memory et. al. Vosk is in python, so supports android/ios etc. It’s got it’s challenges for sure, and there are other ways to tackle it, but I just thought I’d throw in the idea as it can be a bit bothersome to have to take gloves on and off (and sometimes extremely unpleasant) :).

What an interesting idea! Yeah I find I can’t operate the phone with gloves on - and yes, taking them off takes ages etc.

How do you see this working? What would be the voice commands used? Trap name then catch? What about resetting and rebaiting?

Are you thinking you could issue commands to the trap you are near? What if there are 2 there?

Probably a lot to work through, but could be bloody handy.

Yes it would definitely be a fair bit of work. Some of the open-source projects for voice recognition are getting quite good now, so it would be less work than it would have previously if a good integration could be achieved. There are so many ways to implement something like this, and it would depend on the chosen product and internals of as to what would make it viable. If it were me, I would consider starting with a user being able to trigger it, first someone opening the app and saying they want to use voice then e.g. “hey trap nz”, and then something like “add trap record”, and then have prompt the user for the data e.g. “trap number”, “status”, etc. Leaving anything more sophisticated for possible future implementation e.g. knowing what traps you are near. I certainly would start with trap records only and get that solid before doing anything else if it were me.

G8 idea. Even a voice activated recording system outside the TrapNZ app. The info could be accessed in front of the fire at home and loaded into the TrapNZ app.