Using weasels as lure

Can you use weasels as a lure for say stoats or ferrets?

If they’re fresh this will often work to attract the rest of the family back to the trap

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We have used this successfully in our trapping for Pest Free Upper Hutt. Whether weasel or stoat or rat, you can always put them back as lure in a doc 200 where you would normally put the egg (or both). Mustelids seem to last 10 days to 2 weeks compared with rats which very quickly become difficult to clear out! But we have often scored a second catch within days using this method.

You can squeeze and rub the gonad area of the freshly caught Weasel or Stoat around the trap entrance .

I also leave the dead animal on top of the trap.

This has achieved repeat catches .
Probably not a good idea in very Public areas .

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Damn, I just caught (and burnt) my first Weasel, I wish I had logged in here first :slight_smile: