Variety of trap icons/colours to choose from (to help differentiate between trap types)

I would be great if there was a variety of colour or symbol options to choose from for the trap location waypoint symbols to help differentiate between different trap types. Eg: if walking a line with a variety of traps like live capture cage traps and kill traps, it would be very handy to be able to glance at the icons and know which icon is which trap type, mostly because some traps require more regular attention like leg hold traps, while others like AT220 auto traps can be left unchecked for 6 months. :red_circle: :orange_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :black_circle: :white_circle:

This would be great! Also the ability to filter traps in the phone app so you can just see the single type of traps you are servicing - this would make things a lot simpler for volunteers.

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also to differentiate different baistation lines

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I agree, this was talked about yesterday while installing some cage traps with sensors yesterday in an area with lots of DOC200 boxes. Also, bait stations need another colour and symbol.
The young and older users both have trouble seeing the difference in traps without bold colours.
Hard to see which sensor traps have sprung with the current colours and symbols. So much easier to see sprung traps on the TrapWatch app at the moment but I am trying to get our trappers to use TrapNZ app since that is getting the funding and is the main database going forward.