Victor mouse trap

Kia ora,
I’d like to replace the wood/metal Victor mouse trap I was supplied with - the original one is too rusted and mice can eat the bait without tripping it.
I can’t find any place that sells these online. I see that sells a plastic model, but I’d like to get a wooden one if possible.
Can anyone advise?

Have you tried Mitre 10?

If you are only looking for just one then I am sure Mitre 10 etc is the best option. But here are a few options if you want to expand your trapping activity.

BTW do you use a wooden tunnel? In my experience (and I am sure many others) this significantly increases the catch rate.

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Thanks! The Mitre 10 website was down at the point you replied, but finally got round to checking it now. Looks like is the nearest to the Victor mouse trap I have. Will give it a try.

Oops, my bad. Didn’t notice you were looking for ‘mouse’ rather than rat Victor traps. BTW I have caught a fair proportion of mice in Victor rat traps - I set the traps so that they are very sensitive. The length of the Victor trap isn’t ideal but in most cases there is a clean kill. Best of luck!

Victor mouse trap is good if you use its electrical form and the best part about the victor is they are safe to use.

But here are a few options if you want to expand your trapping activity.

  1. Ask your council, they may provide them for free. :slightly_smiling_face:
    e.g. Hutt Council have a very good grant scheme and provides traps etc
  2. Currently “out of stock” but if you are OK with a pack of 12, try 5 Best Electronic Mouse Traps - Reviewed and Rated (Fall 2022)