View trap installation details on mobile app

How do I view the installation notes for a trap when out in the field?

When I created the network I added notes against some of the traps detailing how to find the traps eg river left, pohutukawa tree. However in the android app I can’t seem to view this data. Is there a screen or menu option I can access to see the installation notes?

When I am walking a line I have no Internet but can download any data prior to and after the trapping. Using android phone.

In the app my note is displayed at the top of the screen but truncated to 13 characters. See attached mobile app and online Web screens. Also no photo seems to be available offline in the app.

This is what the installation details look like on the Web page (online)

Apologies I’ve worked it out I needed to add the installation notes into the Trap.Notes field as then it displays fully (not truncated) in the app as Trap.InstallationNotes :+1:t3:

Glad you figured it out @tpp2023 !

About photos being available offline. That’s a bit of a challenge as it is potentially a shed load of data that needs to be stored on the phone. If, for example, you had a project with several hundred traps, you might need to sync and store several hundred images.

A way around that might be to be able to select which lines or groups of installations you need the offline details and images for at any given time, but that would make the interface a bit more complex. If you think it is important though - feel free to make a post in to the Feature Requests category.

On a slightly different subject, can anyone tell me how I can view my trap locations again on the map (on an Android phone). I used to be able to see all traps ok, but now they’re not visible. I’m seeing a triangle displayed at the top right of screen near the Menu icon, that alternates with the message Offline. I have Mobile data on and Wifi at the house so I certainly have a connection. Have tried all the usuals of logging out, restarting phone etc but the trap locations are not visible still.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.

kia ora @dott-2 Check you haven’t accidentally put your phone into flight mode this will then show as off line