Viewing region or area kills by other trappers

Hi, does anyone know how to see what other people in your area are catching? I can only see my own traps and kills. Also I cannot view the Northland area on the site main page map of New Zealand, if I click on the pin icon it says that I am located outside the bounds of the map.



Other people’s catches used to show up, but now they seem to have stopped? Maybe due to privacy concerns, I can’t see the big deal though for privacy, and I am reasonably paranoid about privacy.

Yeah, maybe I am naive but I don’t see the issue with privacy. I am happy for people to identify my property or traps. Is it due to people who are against trapping? Should I be changing my forum name to something more generic?

Hi Matt, I wonder if your access rights have been changed so that you can only see your traps. If so, the project co-ordinator could change it and give you greater access. There are about 4 access levels, the top being Admin: admins can see all traps, so too Editors I think. cheers, paul

I can’t see that it is a big deal. Most people put a lot more private info public on social media etc.