"Walk Line" not working with bait stations

If I try to use the “Walk Line” feature (with GPS on) on a line with bait stations, then it doesn’t work as I would expect.

The default settings for the bait station (Hockey stick) only allows me to set “Bait added” - i.e. I cannot set a default for bait remaining or bait removed. Once I get to the bait station and try to override the defaults, again I only get the option to override the bait added field.

Looking at the results after doing the line, it appears that the app is recording 0 for both bait remaining and bait removed. This is almost always wrong. The app needs to let us set a default for bait remaining*, bait added and bait removed - and also allow all three values to be manually overridden.

Note - might be Android only, I’ve not tested on iPhone


  • a good additional feature would be able to set the default bait remaining to the previous bait level.
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