Walk the line has logged all entries as one trap

Kia ora team admin, hope you have had a good xmas new year time!

I’m hoping you can shed some light on a strange situation! @lenore-admin @andy.saunders-admin

A couple of days ago I was out on multi trap-type line Te Pou Takahī a Maru (PT) (Baker Road).

We walked to the end of the line and did checks on the way back - I entered the final trap manually before turning on walk the line. We couldn’t find the next trap (PT S 19), and then realised that it actually didn’t exist and must have been a mistake, so I selected that trap and marked it as retired.

We continued on the majority of the line, the app made the sounds as we passed each trap, and some of the traps had catches so I edited them manually within walk the line. Everything was normal, labelled correctly, and worked as expected.

We ended up back at base halfway through the line to pick up some equipment before going back to do some maintenance on a couple of traps, so I checked on the computer quickly to see which ones, and all the entries bar the first one, were listed under the trap I had retired. So there is just a long list of still set, hedgehog, possum, sprung, all on the one trap, which is actually retired.

Wondering if there is any info within the data that can rectify this without me going through and manually editing every trap from that day to have the right record? And also to let you know about the random actions of walk the line! When I opened my app that day it did prompt me to do an update, perhaps that is related?

Edited to add I am on version 6.2.6

Kia ora Tui,

Happy new year to you also :tada:

A good break was had, much of it out on the trails. Hope you had a good one !

v6.2.6 was the previous open beta. The WTL manual override was broken in that beta release and what you experienced is in line with that bug. v6.2.8 replaced it as of this morning so do grab that release.

Apologies but those records will need to be manually aligned with the appropriate traps. Let us know if you need help with that.

As always, we much appreciate the support in testing the beta releases :slightly_smiling_face:


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Ha, that will do it! Cheers for the swift response, I should be fine to do the manual alignment of the entries, if I’m slightly off with what was caught where it won’t bugger up our data too extensively!

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Hi Andy. Just experienced the same or similar bug. Running app v6.2.12.
On 20 Feb 2024 all records were awarded to one trap on the line (Walk Line).
On 24 Feb 2024 all records were awarded to a single trap, but not one that was on that line - all awarded to a trap on a completely different line.
I have json and csv exports.
Can the website be automagically updated?
How do I avoid this in the future?
Cheers Jeff