Walk The Line not updating location in background


I recently tested Walk The Line on NW line of Wangapeka project. When the app was open it found my location and pinged the nearby trap. Once I locked the phone, put it in my pocket and moved down the line it stopped updating my location and pinging trap. I had to unlock my phone and tell the app to find my location again before it started to update my location. I checked my permissions and the app has location permissions all the time.

Phone is a Samsung S20FE, current app version 5.0.4 though not sure if that was the version when bug occurred (10/8/22).

Appreciate any suggestions.

Hi there,

Worth checking the following out in the first instance:


Let us know if that improves the situation.


Hi Andy,

I tried tweaking the proximity settings but that didn’t fix the issue. When the GPS is working there aren’t issues, but it seems that when the phone screen is locked/black the GPS doesn’t update and therefore doesn’t ping when within proximity to a trap.


It might be some battery optimisation on your phone. I would have have a look at the following, particularly the don’t kill my app website.

Keep me posted,