Wasp Count or Wasps Trapped - for baselining before and after VESPEX

Hey Developer people - we’re starting up our baseline monitoring of wasps prior to VESPEX control in the CREST environment

Is their any facility - or any opportunity to add WASPS as either a birdcount item (observed) or Trapped species - We’re looking at getting the following two items - it would be great if we could Trap.nz them.
Thanks in advance, Paul

  • Wasp baiting domes $24.50 from HortCentre, Puke
  • Wasp Lure 5L $109.25 from Cleaning Systems, East Tamaki

Evening Paul,

You could add them as a custom ‘point of interest’. Define your own here.

You won’t have app abilities for those in the short term.

Otherwise I guess we can add a new bait station type, with a new active ingredient.

Which would you prefer?


I millions of wasps on my home style block on edge of bush reserve. The sky just swarms with them. No bees when they get to this level. Bought a pricing mitre 10 yellow trap with bait it caught maybe 10 and 30 blow flys. Put off traps. Just learning to live with them and destroying nests where I find them and if I can.

Thanks will give that a go and hopefully it does the needful. Chz

Sorry to hear that life_liver - the more i learn about wasps the more motivated i am to do something. Luckly a local near me is motivated and very knoweldgeable - together we’ve got a bunch of locals together and with some council funding we’re putting out Vespex - which hits wasp really hard - enough to make a difference. We need baselines and after to do a good job (and Year2 funding if it works)
Good luck to ya

Motivation is there but nothing has worked. I’ll watch your results. Keep me in the loop. Would love to put a dent into the swarms around here

What is the best way to catch wasps? I tried 2 different products from Mega. The fly catcher worked really well over the past two summers so will getting it ready for November. But the wasp trap was a non event. Had it hanging it a tree that a entire colony drifting around it.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated as wasps and ants take over our house and property!

Thanks, Dana

Hi Paul,

I am starting a new initiative against wasps and though I am based in Central Otago/Southern Lakes you may want to get involved. Let me know Cheers M-L