"Web page not available" error on new app

Any idea what caused this error on the new app?

I had this error all weekend and needed to revert to the old app. I tried flushing the project cache and re-fetching project tiles, also changing the tile resolution - all of those succeeded but the main page still showed the error.

I just opened it again and it’s now fixed itself.

The issue is now happening persistently for me and makes the app unusable.

The error message in full is:

Web page not available

The web page at file:///data/user/0/com.trapnz2019/files/2.5.6/leaflet.html could not be loaded because:

I’m on v2.5.6 updated 1/10/19, which apparently has a fix for ERR_ACCESS_DENIED loading map on android. The problem has only been happening for me since this new version, having used it without problem for a few weeks beforehand.

I’m on Android 8.0.0 on a Samsung Galaxy A3.

Hi all

This is an issue with some Android devices - we’ll be releasing the fix shortly. If you need it earlier you can access the beta release here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.trapnz2019


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Fixed now - if anyone else has this problem please update from the app store - to at least v 2.5.10

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