Well isn't great

Well isn’t great so easy to put a couple of traps on my property but if you tried to make it hard to get any sense out of the home pg register traps and set all that other bits you succeeded what a nightmare so I’ll just carry on trapping until someone decides to KISS keep it simple stupid

Hi Derek,
I have written my own set of instructions, which might help.


Hi Derek, the important thing is to trap. But don’t give up on reporting to TrapNZ. It’s tricky to learn any new system, and TrapNZ is no different. It took me a while to get used to it, and now I consider it a valuable tool in the PFNZ movement and pretty user-friendly too. You could join an existing project and let one of their co-ordinators add your kills. Or keep a record for a later date when a simpler interface is available. Paul