What does "editor" mean?

The help page is very nice at explain how to do something, prertty terrible at why. It gives no account of what the “editor” function is for.

I saw a reference that somewhere that suggested that to give someone access to record activity on all traps on all lines to give them editor rights, but it appears they have rights to add traps as well.

What can an editor do?

On a related note, I want my staff to have access to record data on all traps on all lines. If giving them editor is the wrong way, what is the right way? The only way I can find is to go into each trap and tediously set them for all pers one at a time. Can I at least do this in bulk, eg a trap line at a time? there does not seem to be any option under lines to set this.

Thanks, Tom

Yes best bet is to give them all Editor. The main difference between Editor and Admin is that Editor can’t edit members.

Had a better answer - do not give them editor rights, as editor is allowed to create/delete traps. Best method is to assign all traps to all pers. Can be done in bulk, in one operation, from the manage traps menu. Many thanks to Root who showed me how in a seperate request.

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