What Level of Membership is Needed to Run All Reports and Download Data?

We have a request from our council to be admins on our project.

They say they need to have admin level access to be able to download the data from the project.

I’m reluctant to give admin access to anyone really, but especially council.

I have created an Advanced Trapper account which I’ve played around with. I seem to be able to generate all the reports and download any data I like.

Can anyone confirm which level of membership is required for this? Is Advanced Trapper high enough?

@chopperdavo this help doc may help you Managing member permis... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides

Can’t see anything about accessing reports or downloading data there…

Lenores link says “Manager” (one level above “advanced trapper”) can run reports.

Its really unnerving to have raised permissions for outsiders or people not involved in the trapping directly because I feel they don’t know how much work it is to keep clean accurate data.

@lenore-admin I would love to have a checkbox for “allow report generation” so that it could be optionally added to a user with basically read only rights.

It does too, good spotting.

And raises the question: Why can I do it with the Advanced Trapper account?

Thanks though. And that checkbox is a good idea.