What to do with kills?

Looking for advice. What does everyone do with their dead rats on a line in the bush (not backyard) Bury it? Chuck it to the side? Put in bag and take home? thanks

I can’t speak for DOC, but in my experience they rot down very quickly, so leave them in the bush. An advantage of leaving them is that, when they are fresh, they act as an attractant to other rats and stoats.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks thats been my method so far

The smell of rotting flesh deters mustelids, so I dispose of my kills off-site. I use a plastic container with a secure lid to limit the smell, and I hose out the container. I dump the carcasses at a small spot in some scrub, rather than putting them in the garbage, but this isn’t an option for everybody.

You could bury carcasses, but it would take more time and energy than simply putting them in a container, but it depends on how many traps you’re operating. Chucking carcasses might not be a problem if there are plenty of scavengers around, but I’m not willing to risk deterring stoats if rats are left to rot.


Compost them on site if you have enough leaf matter. Sweep up enough up with your boots to cover the kill - say a half a foot of material - the more you add the less smell and the faster the worm action. Let the bugs do their work and return the nutrients to the trees the rats stole them from :slight_smile:

… that’s what I do when and where I can. Possums close to home used to end up on the fruit trees buried in lots of mulch. We’ve run out of possums in recent times though, rabbits however are a different tale.

When I catch rats I toss them nearby. When I catch possums I take them home and put them in a big compost bin that I’ve nicknamed the “com-poss”. Birds love scratching at the ground around it and eating the maggots that crawl out. Someone also suggested to be that I make a cat proof hawk table and leave them for the hawks. We have a lot of feral cats so we don’t leave the possums out otherwise it attracts them.