What type of Rat is this?


Caught this rat last night, does anyone no what type of rat it is.

It was caught near a waterway in the Waitakere Ranges (if that helps)

rat - Copy

Ship Rat - Long tail, big ears

Yup, Ship rat, (Rattus rattus), also known as black rat, roof rat, or house rat.
The easy test is: can you touch the rat’s eyes with its ears if you push the ears forwards? If you can, it’s a ship rat, if you can’t because the ears are way too small, it’s a brown rat.

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FireShot Capture 189 - Rat facts - Predator Free NZ - predatorfreenz.org
Hope this will help.


This is great thank you, my boss and I were trying to work this out this afternoon. I’ll share this with her on Monday.

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