When is a Rat a rat?

There are 3 types of rat in the species dropdown as well as a generic ‘rat’. What happens in the reports? Are they summed into a single ‘rat’ series? Do we have to select all 4 types of rat to get the correct totals?
They look sort of sub-categories with a preceding dash. I cannot find anything in the help. This is a good candidate for a wiki, promised soon?

I agree that it doesn’t seem to be implemented very consistently;
In most reports they are summed simply as “Rat”. Some reports allow you to differentiate exact species species like “catches over time” reports.

Your assumption is correct - In https://trap.nz/view/report-trap-records report selecting “Rat” includes results for all sub-types.

As to your actual question…I’d say when it dies - When you target a species your trap type, location, and bait all play a part, once you caught and killed it it’s not so important, because its a good (dead) Rat :slight_smile: