Where do we simply add the latest catches by trap number?

This website is utterly frustrating!

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I agree to some extent. Adding a catch involves going through a filter which defaults to all the traps in the project. You then have to de-select them all and re-select the trap you want to add a catch to.
It would be much easier if “adding a catch” just went to my trap(s).
I would also like to see the “add a catch” function implemented like a database table, where you can (a) see what records are already there and (b) just add a record as a single line. Much easier, and you can see what you are doing so that you don’t accidentally duplicate entries.

Thanks. I/we have somewhat sorted it but it seems inordinately complicated! You really have to know what you are doing. Can’t just check the trap lines and quickly add the info.

If just wanting to enter results for a few traps the quickest way is to just hit the trap dot on the map either on the app (which then allows direct entry of result in a few hits) or the website (which will take a bit longer). If doing a whole line using the Add Catches function you can select your line then set the default (which is often nothing caught, rebaited and bait type), “apply” that and then make the couple of changes for the different trap results for caught species etc. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few seconds. If doing just a couple of backyard traps there is a separate process that I am not familiar with but enables traps to be assigned to someone and makes for quick data entry. All the information on the website can be downloaded as csv/excel files if you want to see in table format and do some of your own analysis.

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Thank you. I now have the hang of using the Add Catches function but this seems very un-user friendly! And my partner went to add his catch and was told he was not authorised . . . or something similar – so then another round of ‘what do we do now?’. I do like the sound of adding to the trap dot as well. Didn’t know about this.
Thanks again.

It will depend on your partner’s project status (I presume he is registered on trap.nz and a ember of the project in question) as to whether he can just view data or also can edit data. Your project administrator should be able to confim this and make any relevant changes.

Totally agree. It’s a minefield!