Where do you put the mayo?

Those of you who are using mayo as a primary or supplementary lure, where are you putting it?

I want to use mayo in DOC200s and 250s, but I’m not sure what the best practice is. Do you put it in a cup? Smear it on the inside wall of the trap?

Hi, a milk bottle lid is good for putting other types of lure in your traps.

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I use the segments of cardboard egg cartons that hold the eggs. I rip/cut them up into individual cups and use them in DOC 250s and 200s for mayo, peanut butter,Good Nature blood and fresh rabbit meat. I freeze the rabbit meat in the cardboard segments and it is then easy to carry around the trap line.


200 IQ move. :+1: Thank you for the recommendation.

I’m reusing Fancy Feast cat food tins (yep, have a cat) in DOC 200 traps. Load them with half a spoonful of Ferafeed peanut butter before each trip and just swap the tins out.

And a leaf in the Victor tunnel traps. Once again using peanut butter.