Who killed this kereru?

Apologies for the poor picture, but my question is who killed this kereru? It seems to have been killed by an attack to the head. My recent observations of this kereru suggested that it was quite a nervous bird (rightly so as it turned out) and easily disturbed. The bird was on private land which is not frequented by hunters etc. I located in the Lower Hutt area.

The carcass was subsequently moved, plucked, and removed by (I am guessing) the same predator.

My first thought was a stoat or cat; but perhaps it was a harrier (I have these) or (possibly) a falcon. This is the first time I have seen this during the period I have been intensively trapping (three years).

Your thoughts?


Who could tell ? - Except its a fact of life that wherever you get live animals you inevitably get dead one as well. You said it was a nervous bird-- By that I presume agitated and not sitting fat plump and easily scared into flight ?- that unusual for Kerereu at least in my experience) and might suggests it was in poor health. If you checked the plumage you may have seen a lot of white lice - maybe.
Survival of the fittest remember is a normal part of the process.
A cat is most likely to have disturbed the carcus - Stoats normally just kill and leave.

Thanks Miller. No lice as far as I could see.