Why are cats lumped under the "other" section?

Just wondering if we could have a separate row for cats as some groups in Northland catch a lot of feral cats and to have them lumped in “other” seems odd.

Hi Bevan,

Can you please clarify where you mean? Are you talking about in the app, recording catches on the website or in reports?




Hey Andy,

I am referring to the summary when you look at the project. See attached image.


Ah OK. People can be pretty sensitive about trapping cats in some areas so we probably want to keep it off the project summary page.

You can see the totals for cats under Reports->Trap Reports





Can Mice be added to the list rather than being classed as ‘other’?

Odd to see the comments. Cats catch rats.
Our cat is now listed as a “trap” because for many years she out-performed our entire trap-line combined. My favourite day was when she brought a rat home. I took it (as always)… and in a huff, she ran back into the yard to bring a second rat less than 5 minutes later. This happened twice. 3 rats in 15 minutes. What’s your best trap’s record?