Will cattle mess with SA kill traps?

Hi this is my first time putting Steve Allen possum kill traps on a farm with grazing cattle around and wondering how they will interact with them. Will they put their tongue in the traps for the flour and apple? Would I need to fence the traps off with tape? Hoping someone might have some info, cheers.

Yes they will, we have had an occurrence of finding a calf’s tongue inside of a SA trap. Consider a different area or a way to stop stock from accessing them.

Thanks, yes that’s what I was imagining, good to know. Will keep them out of the cattle areas.

Make sure to leave at minimum a four-metre distance between traps and any non-hot stock fence. If a fence is only batten and wire, then cattle can get their necks through and reach a hell of a long way, including neck, head and tongue at full length.

Thank you, that’s a good point. And I imagine my horse will reach even further.