Worcestershire Sauce

I had a possum rattling around in my recycle bin a few nights back, never known them to be interested in my empty beer bottles before haha. However I think it was the empty Worcestershire sauce bottle laying on the top that must have smelt good. I have found peanut butter in trapinator traps more miss than hit, but first time with peanut butter and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and immediate success.
Will continue and see if this improves my strike rate. Anyone else used it with any success?
I know as a rule smellier the better for possums.

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I’ve never heard about Worchestshire sauce being used as bait, but it has a lot of smelly ingredients in it, so it makes sense that it would attract possums and rats. I’ll give it a go, myself. It’d be great to put in a spray bottle, giving the tree or post that the trap is on a good spray, the scent of which should travel a good distance. Teriyaki sauce might work, too.

I’ve tried hickory BBQ sauce recently, which has worked well in my snap traps. The mice that raid my rats traps are very fond of it, so I’m going to switch to it for a little while. The combo of salt, sugar, and savoury tastes appears to work well (like the Worchestshire sauce). I smear some BBQ on the treadle of my 200’s because it resembles drying blood. It hasn’t happened yet, but that look, compared with a shiny treadle, might lure in a mustelid.

Might give those a go to as you suggested just to change it up a bit. Cheers for the suggestions

Just joined and read this, Worcestershire Sauce, has Anchovies in :+1:

I should have taken a look at a bottle. I know that are a lot of ingredients in it, but I forgot that anchovies are one of them. Thanks for the research.
The excess fluid that come in fish tins could be diluted in the tin and used. I’ve had some success with tins with some little bits left in them, but in solution, it would last way longer.

Good trapping!

Speaking of unusual things attracting pests!
I was at the last of the traps in my line and had run out of bait.
The only thing available was a pellet of pindone pinched from a nearby bait-station.
On my next round to this trap - A large brown rat in the rat trap and a mouse in the mouse trap in the same tunnel box.

Sweet! Good catch! Amazing what works out of necessity. Mind you some of the baits by design are very attractive to rodents…rat caviar even. I have used various baits before in traps with varied success.

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