Zoomimg of new Trap map

The TRAP tab brings up the new map with traps on OK for all my projects but not for Wharariki project.

As expected, for all other projects, the map is zoomed to the project limits when first opened but for the Wharariki project the map zooms to a fair bit of NZ.

How can I make the new map zoom correctly for the Wharariki project??


Hi Richard, does it start to zoom in and then kind of bounce out again?

For me just now this is caused by a rogue trap being waaay outside the project boundaries, its not an issue with “old view” type of trap overview because that just zooms to the project boundary, the new type zooms to fit all traps.

Unfortunately the rouge is invisible unless you look at the trap locations in a different type of software (GIS)
If your project is just a small personal one I can try find it for you, if its a larger community one or commercial one I can point you at some instructions to try for yourself.

Yup. Thats it !!

Real easy to sort - just exported all traps to a .csv file then sorted on lattitude/longitude and the odd man out was immediately obvious ( it was in storage so hadn’t been “located”! )

Thank you Thank you.

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