2023-04-30 Trap.NZ Change-log

  • Fixed CSV exports for Total Catches reports not matching totals displayed in the tables
  • Added project lines to the 5 map reports which didn’t show them
  • Fixed bug on member management page in which query strings would appear in search box after editing a user with filters set.
  • Fixed api trap installation feed used by the app to contain any assigned sensor id / providers without the need for an initial first sensor record. As a result, on sync with the server, the app will now show the correct icon for sensor traps before the first record has been received by Trap.NZ.


  • Simplified app interface (basic or advanced modes) - v6.0.6
  • Performance optimisations (WTL and general) - v6.0.6
  • Click spidering fix for WTL collocated installs - v6.0.6
  • Improved offline/online detection - v6.0.6
  • Prioritised sync actions for better user experience - v6.0.6
  • Camera upgrade to allow native features, and allow upload from gallery - v6.0.7

For early access to the beta app release features, please join our testing program: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.trapnz2019