Ability to turn trap clustering (into single icon) off in app

I prefer to see all the individual trap locations when looking at the larger scale map in the app to quickly see which of our sensored traps has triggered. Having them going into clusters in troublesome when driving to the correct location of triggered trap.
Also having traps clustered together means there is no radiating radio signal icon displayed on the cluster and you have to zoom into each cluster to find the trap that has triggered. At the moment I work around by going to the list view and then clicking on the triggered trap to display its location. But loose that location (trap goes into cluster) when I zoom out to found out how far I have to drive to get to triggered trap.

Good call. We did have this feature some time ago but did away with it as it wasn’t useful in a ‘walk the line’ context. We can look at reinstating it as it makes sense for trap sensors.

Some projects have many thousands of installations so it may make sense to make the cluster ‘radiate’ if it contains a triggered sensors.

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I saw the feature in the Trap.nz online documentation so I wondering why I could not find it. The option back would be awesome.