Trap.NZ Roadmap

This roadmap outlines the priority features, updates and improvements that are planned for the Trap.NZ website and app.

This post will be updated monthly with schedules, progress, and new entries.

Bigger pieces of work are described in detail below, with smaller pieces of work listed at the bottom of this post.

Bait (toxin) management improvements

Currently toxin management is handled differently between the website and the app. Though they both ask for the bait to be added by weight, the app asks for grams, and the website for kilograms. Many people prefer to enter the number of blocks, rather than the weight, and this is much simpler in practice.

Proposed solution(s)

Store the toxin management as global level products (Pestoff Pellets, Double Tap Block) with the ability to control access to these at the project level. Allow custom configs at the project and user level (as per current app).

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Sort all installation types on a line

Currently only a single installation type can be ordered on a line. If there is a mix of types (e.g. Traps and Bait Stations) these cannot be sorted together. This impacts on users that check a combination of installation types when servicing a line.

Proposed solution(s)

The ability to reorder the line based on the line walk history (times serviced.) This would primarily happen on the app as there is no ‘Line walked review’ features in the website. There would perhaps be an Update Line Order checkbox or button in the review phase. It assumes there will be no missed installations and we need a way to manage those.

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Ad-hoc kills

Currently there’s no way of logging ad-hoc kills on Trap.NZ. Some users workaround this by adding a trap and calling it something like “Cat”, “Roadkill” or “Shot”, and logging catches against that.

Proposed solution(s)

Add the ability to log ad-hoc catches - i.e. predator kills not necessarily using a trap.

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Simplified interface for backyard trappers

Currently the website can be quite daunting for new users who just want to record a catch on their trap.

Proposed solution(s)

Create a streamlined version of the app that provides a simplified interface for users who may only have one or two traps, and/or just want to record kills and catches.

Improve sensor functionality

Currently events from sensor traps are batched in 10 minute intervals (not live) and there are some limitations around when and how you can receive sensor notifications.

Proposed solution(s)

Migrate sensor providers to new real-time API (in progress). Rework notification system to allow clearer notification conditions.

Improve sensor accessibility

Currently projects using sensors must use an external network and provider to push sensor notifications to Trap.NZ, and this in turn generally requires a paid subscription to a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) service. This can be a barrier for some people to start using sensors on their projects.

Proposed solution(s)

Add a LoRaWan network service to Trap.NZ so that projects that wish to can set up their devices and gateways to communicate directly with Trap.NZ, rather than via a separate network.

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  • Simplified interface for backyard trappers to enter records
  • Ability to add photos to all installations and records (currently only possible in Traps and Trap Records, and Bait Stations)
  • More multi-project reports, especially for Bait Station records
  • Upgrade website map library to be consistent with the app, and provide better functionality and usability
  • Allow Chirp records from A24 traps to show automatically
  • Allow polygon selection of installations on a map, to enable reporting on devices and records within polygon bounds
  • Add more project customisable data capture options
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