Bait concentration?

I’m just about to add my first bait station record, and it has concentration % as a required field.

I’m using Ditrac blocks, which according to
has 0.05g/kg Diphacinone.

That works out as 0.00005 % concentration! Does the bait record really require me to put that? It seems kind of pointless and very error prone to getting extra/missing zeros.

0.05g/kg would be 0.005%
Not that that resolves your issue though.

Lol, yeah, math fail. If anything that proves my point though, right?

Touché. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, entering 0.005% into that field would be the correct way to record the concentration. We understand that entering bait concentration this way isn’t ideal, and are hoping to review this and make it more user friendly. Any suggestions are welcome!

Ngā mihi,

The current option will be providing a lot of incorrect information. Therefore suggest that this data is not entered unless it is left in as an option only. My understanding is that some of the requirement for entry has been around Pestoff where the contractor grade is at .05g/kg vs the publically available Pestoff at .02g/kg.(Decreases the hazard rating and allows it to be sold publically). Don’t really see the point of the entry other than the brand name. Perhaps contractors who use large amounts across large areas could be required to enter the % figure as an option. Pointless making it for everyone using Trap NZ as it stops people setting up on Trap NZ. First steps need to be easy. Also at least 50% of entries will be wrong in my experience.