Bait line not showing stations

One of our baiters set up his own bait stations and tried to put them into a line. It wasn’t consistent with our other lines so I deleted that line, and relinked the stations into a new line, HALO-04 … We’re working on the website here.
Under the Lines tab, the stations show properly. But under Bait Stations tab, there are no lines, so he can’t enter bait data unless he selects the station identifier. Also, the line I thought I deleted is still hanging around, showing sometimes but not always.
I don’t understand why the new line doesn’t show its stations. And I would like to remove the empty line. How do I/we do that please?

I think I may have fixed the problems, but still curious as to how the problem occurred.

Hi @jo_broad_nz

Glad you got it sorted. It is a bit hard to tell what was going on if everything works.

One thing that confuses people occasionally is the line context - if the line type is set to “Trap” then it won’t appear in the Bait station views. Perhaps that is what happened in your case but it looks like all the lines are set to Bait station type now.