Currently unable to upload traps from a .CSV file?

Hi there,

I’m unable to import traps from a .CSV file. I have tried using a self-made template (image 1) and using the template downloadable through the import traps screen. Whenever I click the upload button the progress bar zooms from 0-100 and then pops up on the following screen with “There are no new nodes”.

What am I missing?


I had the same problem too today. Think there must be a glitch! Here’s hoping it is fixed soon

Kia ora all,

Thanks for letting us know! The dev team have fixed the bug on the Import Traps page, and it should be working well now. If you have any further issues, please email with

  • a screenshot of the error message
  • the CSV file
  • project name

Ngā mihi,
Sarah (she/her)
Trap.NZ Support Team