Import trap sites off of Rhino650

hello, does anyone know how to download trap sites off of a Rhino 650 onto your project, or does it have to be done manually, i have tried it off gps on phone, but they mark all over the place

You should be able to find your waypoints on your Rino. Plug it into your computer, then navigate to /Garmin/GPX. Inside the GPX folder you should find files with names like “Waypoints_07-Feb-19.gpx” Garmin saves your waypoints into files where the name of the file is different on each day. So find the files that have your trap sites in them. Copy these files to your computer. You can then use a program like GPXEditor ( to view the points, rename the points, delete superfluous points, etc. Finally, you must convert the GPX file to a spreadsheet. See (Loading trap locations from a KML or GPX file) for details.