Loading trap locations from a KML or GPX file

At the moment you can only import trap locations via a CSV file. The CSV file must have the following column headings: Code (for the trap or station name or number), Lat (for latitude) and Long (for longitude). You need to be a project admin to use the bulk import option.

The locations need to be in decimal latitude and longitude format. E.g. -41.082009690344, 174.818238354170

You can use this (free) online converter to convert a KML file
or GPX file

Note that you will need to edit the resulting CSV file to have the above column headings.

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Is there a way to do the reverse? I.e convert CVS to GPX?
Currently you can download a CSV file from the traps screen of your project. When I try to convert that file to a GPX file using most online converters, it ends up loosing the lat/long data or something.
Iā€™m trying to import the exported CSV file into Google Earth Pro or Maptoaster.
Are there plans to export to GPX?

BTW. This video helped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ZsvukCv6o

Hi @pmillsdoc

We have no plans to export to GPX, but you can download installations and records as a KML and other formats to load into Google maps, etc.

See: https://help.trap.nz/books/trapnz-comprehensive-user-guide/chapter/map-feeds

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