Line order - doesn't sync to other participants, isn't in export files

Just noticed that the sort order on lines doesn’t update everyone.
I can understand that some people like to do things their own way, so having the ability to maintain separate orders is desirable, and it would be nice to have the option of updating line order from another participant.

I have 4 lines and find it fastest to run them in line order - that way I have a double check that I haven’t missed any. But others can’t get my sort order at present. Not normally a problem, because up until now it has been mostly just me.

Also nice to have would be the sort order in the export file - so that they can easily be sorted into the order visited.

The site may be reaching some sort of limit on file size or number of users, as it is getting slower to use, with greater numbers of errors.
A pity if it dies due to this, as it is a useful tool.

Thanks Ted. That sounds like a bug and we’ll check it out. Changes in lines’ order should be reflected across users.

I’ll asked for the sort weight to be added to the export file.

We have has some performance issues related to the release of the beta version of the new app on some projects. Some of these have been addressed already and we are working on others so things should improve from now on.

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Does anyone know if the Line Order Syncs to the Phone App.

I have changed the sort order on the website, but the phone app order stays the same.

It would be great of this could be looked at as well.


Sorry, if you re-sync your project on your phone. It updates the list correctly :slight_smile:


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