Nara Blocks, success stories please!

Hi, I have just bought some Nara blocks as I had good experience of them being used as bite blocks covered in possum dough and used in Possum Master traps. I was wondering if anyone uses them as delivered (blue, vanilla variety) in possum traps or rat traps and how successful they have been? I’m always looking for a bit of variety from time to time! cheers

There are a few posts about Nara blocks. Use the search function to find them, entering Nara.


Hi, I previously asked a similar question without any real response. They do sound like a good option. Ultimately I made my own terracotta lures which serve a similar purpose and have proved very durable and effective on my section (Wellington bush).

NARA Lures - Any experience?

Thanks Dan, I’m out in Whitemans Valley. I do trapping over a few different properties and am just setting up for possums during a quiet spell for them. So, I’ve just renewed my stock of Nara blocks which I have used successfully for using as a bite block in PM traps with possum dough on top. Also in Timms and Flipping Timms with an additional attractant of possum dough or GN possum lure used liberally. I was just wondering if anyone had used them as ordered, in a doc200 or similar to attract rats. Thanks for your interest …Tony

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Please see update below, I remember we had discussions a few years back! Thanks for your interest … Tony

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