OGC Map Feed filtering

Continuing the discussion from OGC Map feeds from Trap.NZ:

I have been able to load trap.nz data into qgis (version 3.4.7) and made a heat map based on the records returned in all_trap_records - I couldnt seem to get this data filtered, there are over 5000 trap recorded on the project I am working with and it takes quite a while for the records to be returned to qgis each time I load the map.

QGis has a feature where it encodes a query into the url it is sending to the server, so I could ask the server to only return results for this year or for a certain month.

I don’t get any records returned, there is a message in the qgis log that says “empty response: Unknown error”

I guess my first question is, can I expect the trap.nz WFS endpoint to be able to filter or am I/qgis doing it wrong?