Order of traps in line changed in app

Sometime during the last week the order of traps in our line (Odell North) has changed, putting all the supplementary traps at the end rather than next to the main trap for each site.
Does anyone know how to change the order of traps as they appear in the app?

+1 on this - I’ve tried updating the sort order on the website, but it already appears to be in the correct order, just the supplementary traps have moved to the end

Yes, that is what we are finding annoying. The supplementary traps used to be next to the main traps which made sense when entering data for one and then the other, before moving on to the next location.

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I’m not sure what’s caused the traps to change order, but you can sort the order of your traps on a line using the website, and the app will show them in this order too.

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The Trap.NZ Team

@Richard_Goldsbrough, @elmesg, which release of the app are you on?

Menu > About > Version

Hi Andy,

I’m on 4.1.3


Hi Andy
I’m on 4.1.5 seems to be the most up to date.
Cheers Richard

Thanks Sarah.
However the supplementary traps aren’t showing up separately, suggesting they should sort with the mains, but that isn’t happening in the app.

@Richard_Goldsbrough, @elmesg, we found the culprit today. One of our performance enhancements introduced this. A fix will come through in the next day or two.

Many thanks for the heads up and please keep us update if any further issues.

Ngā mihi,

Thanks Andy,
All good now.

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