"Recorded by" field in Trap Records - Free Text Shouldn't be OK?


The “Recorded by” field in Trap Records, when you are logging a visit of catch is free text field.

So people just type anything, which causes issue with reports.

Should this be a selection box like the Trap Assigned field, as people that make logs would always be a member of your group??

Thanks…Gary Fawcett

Agree. It would be good to see this standardised. Select from dropdown. Possibly some data entry work still needs to be done as I don’t think all of our trappers have a name in the system from memory. Just an email.

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Yes we do a Trapper Leader-board on our groups webpage, and it can be a nightmare as the data is so bad. All about doing less work updating websites :slight_smile:

The app defaults to the current users ‘username’ field, and lets the user override this in the app settings (not on the form itself.)

It sounds like this is what you’d like on the website too?


That would be great, pretty sure on the website that field isn’t mandatory as well. But if it defaulted to the username that would be great.