Recording ad-hoc pest kills

  1. The means to add animals shot.
    Be great if it was possible to enter kills on a one off basis…? deer or cats etc.
    Also be handy to be able enter kills with limited information…like past kills that have no exact location…but are still in the project area.

2 The means to add more than one kill per trap…ie double set fenns are recorded as one trap but can only record one kill. Or when a single set catches a two rats…I need to be able to choose number of kills caught.

  1. When adding new traps into a line of old sets why do they not come up in the order you capture them in…?

Be great to have ‘Shot’ added to the list. I’ve shot 10 Rabbits in last 3 days

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We are also looking for a way to record this information without having to assign it to a trap.

Would be great to have ‘ad hoc’ kills with a relevant list eg. shooting, carcass found.

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Agree, shooting, roadkill and dogging records would be great.

Yes please! Ad-Hoc kills is definitely needed. Especially, when you find the carcass and know it’s from poison, but cannot record this kill anywhere. It skews data to put it against a trap.

I’ve ended up just creating unspecified traps, then for sub type have dog, roadkill or shot. The uploading records. A bit of a long winded way around it.

We agree, it is needed :slight_smile:

This feature is coming and some work has already been done. We have some thoughts on how it should work, but it would be great to get your thoughts as well.

We think this primarily an in app feature (other than reporting,) so some initial questions:

  • In the app how long would they persist for as markers on the map? Until you manually clear them, 24 hours, or configurable option?
  • In the app would they appear in the same map as the traps etc or a separate observations/shooting mode, or even both?

Any other thoughts are appreciated.

I have added some historic records to our block, a summary of catches for each month, for various pests, all caught over several years ago. I created three trap locations clustered in a strange central place in the block that has no other traps nearby , and simply recorded say 5 strikes of rats, if five rats were caught in the month. So I have a retired DOC200 trap, a timms strap, and a victor trap - all the cumulative counts for the old data are there, but of course located beside each other as the real locations are unknown. But now when we do our monthly chart of catches, it includes all the old data and we can start to see a pattern. For example, it is easier to catch rats in April and May onwards, through winter when they are hungry. You can’t do a proper heat map over those earlier years moving forward, but the historical catch chart is useful.

For me, the persistence on the map as a marker isn’t needed, but to have it configurable would be ideal for others if needed. In my opinion, having unplanned kills as a separate function would be better, like the suggested observations/shooting mode.