Recording Trap Calibrations

I was wondering if there is available or even warranted a place on the app for recording information of each trap when doing the calibrations? This is for DOC 150,200 and 250.
I have a manual record of date, trap number, whether it needed adjusted/or not (either at 50gm weight or 100gm weight, trap cleaned/or not and a comments column.

We could do with a function like this too! Even just a tick box on the record to say it’s been calibrated

Yes it would be great if there was a check box option for maintenance type checks including calibration. The ‘needs maintenance’ option has gone from the ‘trap status’ selection which I actually found quite useful. Currently I just add an entry for each trap and in the notes section put ‘calibrated’.

Yes that seems to be the way that is recommended at present. Am aware that any that information put in notes is not stored permanently (that may have changed). Perhaps a field where the information could be recorded that we could be refer back too, when needed as calibration is carried out less frequently than trapping.